"I'm a competitive athlete (OK, maybe more of a "weekend warrior"), but when a cycling accident injured me just before I was to participate in the Reach the Beach Relay, I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to run without pain, if I could run at all. I was referred to Kate Schwartz Physical Therapy by a friend and was ecstatic to find out that my condition was not only treatable but, with therapy over the course of 3 weeks, I would be able to run in the event!

"I made it through Reach the Beach that year and have been back to KSPT a number of times since, for various injuries (strained back, tweaked knee) and have always received excellent treatment. The staff at KSPT really listen and they develop a course of treatment designed to give you quick recovery and the ability to return to normal
—for work, for athletics, for life!"

Arlon Chaffee
Co-founder, LOCO Sports, Inc.


Physical Therapy with TLC

"About 11 years ago, our primary care physician (now retired) sent Bob to “back school” at Kate Schwartz Physical Therapy. He was told how to bend, lift, reach—even how to vacuum. (Right on, Kate!) As with all physical therapy, he was also given exercises to strengthen muscles and prevent injury.

"In the intervening years, we both have worked our way through joint replacements, as well as various recurring ailments that required therapy. We are veterans of six or seven physical therapy facilities. Not all of the experiences were equal. As a patient, you learn that you have to be your own advocate. When the doctor and therapist and patient work in harmony, you can relieve pain and improve your range of motion.

"After extensive back surgery five years ago, Bob went to the recommended therapist who did an evaluation, prescribed some exercises, and then turned him over to a trainer. For 4 to 6 weeks, the trainer just stood there and watched him exercise; then provided a cold pack. There was no ultrasound; no electrical stimulation; no hands-on therapy. Since we had by that time acquired a wealth of experience, we decided that this approach was not working; sometimes it caused more pain and was harmful. Bob told his surgeon, 'I want to go back to Kate Schwartz.'

"The surgeon agreed with him and he changed therapists. Getting back to more normal and productive life is their aim, and the therapists at Kate’s are never too busy to listen—or to suggest an easier approach. They are all hands-on in their treatment and innovative in methodology. They consult Kate when necessary and all take real pride in significant progress.

"Since then, whether it is a pulled muscle, a chronic problem that flared up, or a new injury—we automatically ask to go back to Kate’s for pain relief. She supervises a good team of professional therapists. You are assigned to two people, so that each is conversant with your problem, and you are not handed over to a stranger when your therapist cannot be there. The people in the office work well together. They are a cheerful, welcoming group. They function much like a family, often helping each other out in the office, as well as in their leisure time. New babies are happily welcomed into the family. Even the graybeard of the group, that sweet, quiet dog, Blackie, gets to visit and have sleepovers with his friends, the therapists. We have come to feel that we have come home, each time that we turn up again for treatment. They have become valued friends that you turn to for help when you have pain that just won’t quit."

Barbara (and Bob) Liotta
Exeter residents



"I have absorbed a tremendous amount of hits and physical abuse over my hockey career, which spans from my days at the University of Maine and then on to HIK and Herning in the Danish Series Elite League. Since returning from Europe in the late 80s, I have been in constant need of some form of physical therapy to one body part or another. Hockey is not a sport for the faint of heart and reaching the level that I did certainly put a major stress on my entire spine which ultimately would express its unhappiness with me over time.

"I have been a patient with Kate Schwartz Physical Therapy for various issues (primarily spine-related) off and on for the past 14 years. The reason why I chose KSPT is simple: THEY ARE GENUINELY CONCERNED ABOUT THEIR PATIENTS' WELL BEING. You are not just a number, but a human being, who is treated with humility and compassion. Go find that at a franchise-type physical therapy center. KSPT's strategy is to sit down with the patient and map out an objective that both parties feel comfortable with. The relationship between Therapist and Patient is critical in meeting these expectations. This is an area where KSPT truly differentiates itself from other physical therapists in the area. They are a professionally-run organization.

"I would recommend KSPT to anyone who was in need of some form of physical therapy. Young, old, world class athlete, couch potato, you name it. They have a plan for anyone in need."

Peter Mahar
Professional Hockey Player


"I have found the staff at Kate Schwartz Physical Therapy to be truly remarkable. The exercises I learned 10 years ago have kept my back comfortable and strong. Recently my primary care doctor referred me for a torn bicep/arm injury and the staff were knowledgeable, friendly and very supportive. They use all the latest techniques and the atmosphere is very professional yet homelike. I recommend them highly."

Jonathan Sheff, MSW/MPH
Principal, Strategic Coaching & Consulting
Exeter, NH


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